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The Hive and Co. creates beautiful spaces for living, working, and playing.  Creating decor which illuminates your personal style and yet, provides functionality for today’s living environments.  The Hive and Co. works to assist our clients with a range of services from full decor installs to one room face-lifts.  Let the Hive and Co. create a beautiful space for you!



Pamela Pascarella: Interior Stylist


The Hive an Co. was created out of many requests from so many friends and family to help them design and decorate their homes.  By taking and working with their personalities, what they love and already have in their home furnishings and creating a beautiful space that says who they are as a person- not just a page from a decorating catalog.  I love to use family heirlooms and treasures and incorporate them into today’s decor.   

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